Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Secret Spinning Pal Surprise!!

I should have posted this last week after I had received it,,, but was just so busy with everything I had going on. Well first up are these 3 fine fiber items. 4 Oz. of Coopworth roving. Leicester Longwool roving "from a sheep named Lester" lol, and 100% silk roving. Along with this came a card and a nice little note from my SP.


  1. Next up is Raw unadulterated Llama, which I will now have to read up on scouring and to get those dog brushes out to card the fiber.


    Last but not least is the 100% Silk Noile.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I am as happy as a clam today!!!

My Sea Silk and my fiber order both came!!!

First up is my Sea Silk. This arrived last week Thursday,,, and between running and driving around,, I hadnt had the chance to post it.

The is my skein in the Wildflower colorway in the front.

This is the Autumn colorway on the left, with Wildflower on the right. Dont they look just delish???

This is my fiber just delivered today (or rather yesterday). I had ordered from,,,, I had emailed Abi (the owner) prior, asking about her ugly batts. She kept in touch with me as she said she would, on when she would have new ugly batts and days end roving available. As soon as I got the particulars from Abi, I paypal'ed her 1, 2, 3, on Sunday nite. Here they are just 3 days later! OMG all I can say is I never expected to get this delivered this fast!

This big old Batt (sitting comfortably on my comp chair) is UB 136 colorway.

Said "Batt" slightly opened up to reveal the interior. I've got at least two sections of colors that I can play with!

I ordered Abi's Days End roving in blues. This is what one pound of roving looks like also sitting comfortably on one's computer chair!!

I'll post on here how it goes. And just think, Rhinebeck isnt even 2 weeks away. Thank heavens for credit unions and money that gets squirreled away just for events and items like this!

I've been planning my shopping list. DH already thinks I'm a nutcase. Well maybe I am,, just a fibery one!

I also received my Secret Spinning Pal package. Tomorrow I will post up the contents!

Plodding along

I am really starting to hate the internet,, then again,, why cant I just hit the lottery so I can just spend time ordering yarn and fiber online, and spend the rest of my time either on my front porch swing,, or backyard patio knitting and spinning?

My order from Knitpicks came.
Bag #1

Back of bag #1, along with Bag #2

Ok,, I'm jumping on the bandwagon,,, It'll probably take me forever,,,,,,, Here is the start of Clapotis

Its finished!!!

My Noro hat!!!

Ok dont laugh. Me and Noro looking like a mugshot,,,a chubby one..

Other than this work still sucks,,, so to speak, or at least traveling back and forth to work is what really sucks. I'd rather spend my commuting time of minimum 3 hours a day, either reading, or knitting or playing with my spindle but kinda hard to do at 70 MPH plus.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Knit Out Part 2

Here we have from left to right, Alerievay,
Cooknknit and Mikomaio.

Artysgal,,, TheShizzknit

I finally got to meet Bean,,, I'm just sorry I didnt have a chance to spindle with her!

The girls having some lunch before I had to find my girlfriend (who I'm trying to convert into a knitter!)

It was a gorgeous day for the Knit Out,,, I totally enjoyed myself. I even ran into Lisa who owns the Yarn Girl Yarn store on Staten Island. I only recognized her due to her carrying her felted bag which looks like a bouquet of flowers! Sadly, I was rushing, she was rushing,, and I didn't get to snap a pic of it.

After I found my girlfriend,, we had gone to lunch at Cosi's on Broadway. So nice to have lunch and sit outside (dual purpose,, knitting, and smoking, lol). I saw Amy Singer go by, walking down the street,,,, I let her be,,, seemed like she was enjoying her quiet time.

One thing tho I had to take a pic of.

Only in New York do you see someone walking their dog in a doggy baby carriage.

You decide tho,,,

Model or Ho?

I havent a clue anymore!


Friday, September 22, 2006

The Knit Out and more goodies!

It was a busy busy weekend last week. I swear I should start getting frequent flyer/driving/traveling miles for what I put in every week and then some. I had hooked up with Karen (Cooknknit) on Saturday for help on using my Ashford Joy. I've had my poor Joy for about 3 years easy, and it was very very lonely. I basically wasnt sure, couldnt remember what did what on my poor wheel. Time is not a friend anymore to me, and patience, to a degree is not my best virtue due to the time issue. Karen helped to refresh me on what went where,, what did what in relation to everything else. It took only a few minutes but can I say I felt like 1- a dunce,,,, 2- as if a very black cloud suddenly floated away from over my head. All I can say is ,,,Karen,, thank you oh so much!

Prior to that, Karen had been telling me that she was going to the Park Slope Barnes and Noble,,, Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee was going to be there for a book signing. The Yarn Harlot herself? Of course I wanted to go. So off we went. Some of the other women from the Knitty Board were there that Karen knew, and it was so nice to meet them, plus to see what sort of knitterly things they were up too.

Stephanie speaking.

Stephanie with the kneesocks that Karen had finished while she was talking to the audience.

In the time being, I've been working on my Noro hat. This is what I have so far, I'm about half the way done!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Some Other Goodies I couldnt fit in on other post!

These are the rest of my "Brights" grab bag from Cherry Tree Hill.

A skein of Silk and Merino Bulky, in Sugar Maple colorway.

Another skein of Twister in Brights
(Clapotis maybe??)

I went to Roxy's Yarn in Brooklyn, last Tues for some circulars. I was good. I didnt buy yarn but I bought this cute tote/caddy for only $5!

Then lastly,, I ran to Petco by my house, to buy these. Opting for the cheap way out right now for hand carders,,,but with NYS Sheep and Wool right around the corner, that might be changing.

I did go hunting through my "Yarn room" looking for that other skein of Noro,,, no luck yet. But I do have 4 skeins in another colorway to make this and then some other hand/wrist warmers,,, possibly in the same style. What do you think?

A Bunch of New Goodies!

Well first and foremost, I finished the one Voodoo Handwarmer in Noro Kureyon. The damn thing even matches my nails! The bad news about it,,, I cant find the other skein I had,,, seems my son threw it in my "Yarn room" and its in there somewhere, sigh.

Ok,, now the goodies!!!

I got my 2 orders of grab bags from the Labor Day sale from Cherry Tree Hill

The Jewel tones are up first.

3 superwash Possum worsteds in Teal, Eggplant, and Bluestone

Huge Twister skein in blue/green

Skein of Potluck Worsted in Jewels

Now the Brights Grab bag

Skein of Potluck Worsted in Brights

Skein of Twister again